Pluriton Belgium purchases an additional HatchTech Chick Storage Room

Pluriton Belgium bvba (Pluriton) has signed a contract to extend its chick storage capacity with an extra HatchTech Chick Storage Room, because the company has scaled up the capacity of its hatchery. With this extension it is possible for Pluriton to provide excellent storage conditions to an additional 144.000 new-born chicks.

Since 2012, Pluriton has used two HatchTech Chick Storage rooms in its Dutch hatchery. In 2018, the company installed its first HatchTech Chick Storage Room in its Belgium hatchery. This enables Pluriton to provide their day-old chicks with the optimal temperature and uniform air flow to enable the chicks to maintain constant body temperature. If the temperature is too high, the chicks start to experience heat stress and are at increased risk of dehydration. The HatchTech Chick Storage Room is carefully designed to deliver the specific ambient temperature chicks need to experience outstanding development and superior quality.

Michiel van Veldhuisen, International Sales Manager at HatchTech, says: “I am pleased with Pluriton’s decision to buy another HatchTech Chick Storage Room. After seeing the results with the other ones the company is convinced that this storage system contributes to the quality of its new-born chicks. I thank the company for its trust in our technology. It is nice to support customers like Pluriton in delivering superior quality chicks to poultry farms.

Pluriton Belgium is located in Arendonk, Belgium. All over the world Pluriton exports hatching eggs and day-old chicks of premium layer and broiler breeds, which originate from its own breeder farms and hatcheries in Belgium, The Netherlands and Hungary. For more information about Pluriton please go to

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