Reducing CO2 Footprint


As a poultry equipment supplier, we are dedicated to providing the industry with innovations that minimise costs and maximise profits. However, we also consider it our responsibility – and the responsibility of our customers – to contribute to a more sustainable poultry production chain. This means focusing on and addressing issues connected with bird health, animal welfare and the environment. In the face of concerns over global warming, our industry also needs to look to alternative poultry production methods that use less energy and generate a smaller carbon footprint.

Examples of energy-saving features on our equipment are:

Eco Energy Drive™

This technology is used on MicroClimer Setters and the HatchTech Ventilation System. It monitors the environmental parameters and adapts the fan speed to the real-time needs of the developing embryos. This means that the fan does not operate at full speed unless it is actually necessary, lowering both maintenance and energy costs.

Cooling and heating by radiators

Air cooling and heating in the HatchTech products are accomplished by radiators. Made out of strong anodised aluminium, the radiators rapidly take on the temperature of the water running through it. The generous cooling/heating surface area of the radiators – by far the largest in the industry – reduces heat-up time and ensures effective heat transfer. 

HatchTech Energy Recovery System™

The HT Energy Recovery System™ in our hatcheries effectively recovers and reuses the heat from the developing embryos.

The process delivers energy savings in two ways: it recovers the heat from the water in the setters’ and hatchers’ cooling system and uses it, when necessary, to warm incoming air. At the same time, this naturally lowers the temperature of the water in the cooling system’s return lines. Together, this significantly reduces the amount of fuel needed to heat the incoming air, as well as the amount of electricity that is needed for the chillers.

HatchBrood Energy Recovery System™

This system has been specially developed for HatchBrood. It captures and re-uses the heat that is produced by the chickens. Heating costs are near zero during the actual brooding period.

An example of a device that HatchTech developed to contribute to a better environment is: 


In traditional hatcheries, the exhaust air from the hatchers, which contains fluff and other particles, is either expelled straight into the outside air, or the exhaust passes through a fluff room (plenum) before it is exhausted into the outside air. With the CyClean™, 95% of the fluff from the air exhaust is captured in the machine. This results in exhaust air which is much cleaner, significantly reducing the chances of cross-contamination. What’s more, the CyClean™ helps meeting the requirements regarding dust-emissions set by international institutes.

This is only a small selection of the sustainable and energy-saving and features that have been developed by HatchTech.