Early feeding HatchCare

HatchCare, our hatcher with feed, fresh water and light

Difference between traditional hatcher and HatchCare

In a hatcher, chicks hatch within a specific “hatch window”. During this period, it is a general accepted practice throughout most of the industry that the newly hatched chicks will have no access to feed or water. However, these chicks are still undergoing development in terms of their digestive tract, organs, immune and thermoregulatory systems – the actual growth phase doesn’t start until later. And at this early phase, optimal digestive and immune-system development in particular are crucial in laying the foundation for the chick’s resulting overall growth and health.


  • ...immediately provides food and fresh water to just-hatched chicks to prevent dehydration and stimulate growth, robustness and health during the hatching process.
  • ...hatches chick in a light, fresh-air environment with 40% more space to respond to today’s demand for production that is more animal-welfare friendly.


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