HatchTech presents Kyowa Machinery as new distributor for Japan

July 16, 2018

HatchTech and Kyowa Machinery have signed an exclusive agreement for the distribution of HatchTech products in the Japanese market. Mr. Takuma Tomosue, CEO of Kyowa Machinery, is excited about the agreement: “HatchTech and its products portfolio are unique. The core products, such as setters, hatchers, chick storage rooms and HatchCare, stands out from the rest of the available equipment in the industry, because of the innovative concept of laminar airflow. HatchTech has an impressive list of reference projects, in which their solid and trustworthy equipment is operating. It is a company that make products which are not only a solid value to the hatchery operation, but also produce the best performing and healthiest day-old –chicks.”

Mr. Tomosue sees a lot of opportunities for HatchTech in Japan. ‘In the last 30 years, our market situation is slowly shifting to large-scale farming. We have a big market for farming equipment - both in broiler and egg farms. However, a large number of the hatchery equipment were not replaced or rebuilt over that period. I see big opportunities for HatchTech here.’

International Sales Manager, Marc de Visser, who is responsible for HatchTech’s commercial activities in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan: “We are delighted to add the Kyowa Machinery Co. Ltd., led by its respected CEO Mr. Tomosue, to our group of agents and distributors. HatchTech is highly motivated to start working actively in the Japanese market, as we are optimistic and enthusiastic about the market opportunities in the country. Together with Kyowa Machinery, we are looking forward to inform the Japanese industry about HatchTech products.”

Kyowa Machinery is a company with 60 years’ experience in designing and producing egg handling equipment, such as egg grading and packing systems. It has over 100 employees and maintains it business from the northern to the southern Japanese Islands, with a total length of 3000 km. Mr. Tomosue: ‘The collaboration between Kyowa Machinery and HatchTech shall provide confident to our future prospective customers in Japan. We are going to do our best to support HatchTech’s business in Japan.’

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