First HatchCare chicks hatched in the United Kingdom

July 24, 2018

For the first time, HatchCare chicks have been born in the United Kingdom. Specifically, these first chicks were hatched on 16 July in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK, and were directly provided with feed, water and light post-hatch. HatchTech commissioned the HatchCare hatchery together with Annyalla Chicks, a family business that runs independent hatcheries in Ireland and the UK.

Following the positive results of several field trips to HatchCare hatcheries and farms, equipping this hatchery with HatchCare was a clear choice for Annyalla Chicks. John Mawer, CEO, Annyalla Chicks: “The evidence I’ve seen shows improvement in many areas, including enhanced hatching results, superior technical performance at broiler level and reduced medication requirements. Above all, the biggest attraction for us is the much-improved welfare it brings to our chicks.”

The hatchery will produce 500,000 day-old chicks in the first phase, with the possibility of extending this to 2.2 million day-old chicks within the existing building. HatchTech delivered the whole package of incubation solutions – from setters and HatchCare units to heating, cooling and ventilation equipment.

Michiel van Veldhuisen, International Sales Manager, HatchTech: “We’re very pleased with this successful startup and the entrance of HatchCare chicks into the UK market. We’re proud to be able to provide Annyalla Chicks with all the benefits of early feeding, such as improved welfare conditions, undisrupted development of the birds and better technical performance at broiler farm level. We’re really looking forward to a successful rollout.”

Besides building a HatchCare hatchery, Annyalla Chicks also commissioned a HatchTraveller. This HatchTraveller enables the chicks to eat during transportation, which will enhance chick quality and positively contribute to their development. The HatchTraveller will be supplied in September.

From left to right: David Little, hatchery manager, Jonathan Martin, operations director, Nick van de Zande, International Sales Manager Viscon, Michiel van Veldhuisen, International Sales Manager HatchTech, John Mawer, CEO Annyalla Chicks UK and Ireland

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