Aviagen hatcheries in USA opt for HatchTech Chick Storage Rooms

December 03, 2018

HatchTech is pleased to announce a new agreement with its USA-based customer, Aviagen Inc., to install two Chick Storage Rooms at the companies’ hatcheries in Quitman, Georgia and Talladega, Alabama. The installation will allow Aviagen to store their newly-hatched chicks in excellent conditions.

Mark Roberts, Director of Hatcheries at Aviagen, is looking forward to integrate the Chick Storage Rooms in his hatcheries. “We want to make sure our parent stock chicks get the best start possible and are stored in optimal conditions – and the Chick Storage Room from HatchTech really contributes to that. A uniform climate and a constant body temperature are crucial to maintaining superior chick quality and HatchTech’s solution provides us with both.”

For day-old chicks to be able to thrive, it is crucial that the facilities where the birds are stored provide the right environmental conditions for their wellbeing and development. The chicks begin to experience heat stress and are at an increased risk of dehydration if the body temperature rises any higher than the ideal temperature of between 104 and 105°F. The HatchTech Chick Storage Room is carefully designed to deliver the specific ambient temperature chicks need to experience outstanding development and superior quality.

Danny van Roekel, International Sales Manager at HatchTech, adds: “We are proud that Aviagen USA is completing its hatchery process by implementing two HatchTech Chick Storage Rooms. Globally, the product has positively supported over 50 hatcheries with the challenging exercise of proper chick storage. A good storage room can make a huge difference in the quality of the bird that leaves the hatchery. The fact that a leading company like Aviagen invests in the HatchTech Chick Storage Room at parent stock level, confirms the value and quality of the product.”

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