HatchTraveller Configurator: Customise chick transportation to your specific needs

February 07, 2019

Are current chick transport options failing to meet your specific business needs? Would you prefer an extra range extender? Or maybe a shorter trailer? At IPPE 2019 in Atlanta, USA, HatchTech will be launching its innovative online configurator, offering you the chance to design your very own chick transportation system.

Uniquely, the HatchTraveller Configurator allows you to customise HatchTech’s chick transportation system to meet the specific needs and requirements of your business. With over 20 variables available, you can now select the features you really want in a transportation solution – whether that’s the type of trailer, additional wheel axles, or a hybrid power supply that saves fuel costs and reduces CO2 emissions.

With so many potential variations to choose from, the possibilities are endless. One thing’s for sure: you’ll end up with the kind of trailer you really want and will only be investing in features you truly need.

A specialist solution, now even more unique
Designed around the scientific findings of our research team, HatchTraveller is the world’s first hybrid-power trailer for day-old chicks. It’s also the only system providing light and fresh air at chick level in transit between hatchery and poultry house. With its unique, flexible trailer design, you can transport more day-old chicks per journey than ever before – up to 183,600!

What’s more, HatchTraveller is equipped with an innovative climate-control system based on HatchTech’s unique laminar airflow technology and patented perforated radiators. By maintaining a uniform climate inside the trailer, the technology ensures the body temperature of each chick remains constant at an optimal 104°F (40.3°C) for the duration of every journey.

Tjitze Meter, HatchTech CEO and founder: “Our innovative solutions help poultry companies to improve chick quality, while offering a major step forward for animal welfare and sustainability. With the launch of the HatchTraveller Configurator, we offer our customers tailor-made improvements in their chick transportation processes – allowing them to drive chick quality to a level that matches their business requirements.” 

Experience the HatchTraveller Configurator first hand and meet the team at IPPE 2019 during 12-14 February – you’ll find us at booth C9322. For more information, please get in touch with Stefan Holdinga at +31 (0)611919517 or

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