HatchTech extends sales capacity in China to support local growth

April 02, 2019

HatchTech is pleased to announce that Jianping Zhang (Jimmy) and Meng Qingyu (Jade) will join the sales team in China. Because of continues local growth HatchTech has decided to extend the China Sales Team.

As an International Sales Manager, Jianping Zhang (Jimmy) will be responsible for China. For 13 years he has worked at a Poultry Breeding Company as a Hatchery Manager and a Hatchery Service Manager. During these years he gathered a lot of knowledge and work experience in the incubation technology and customer services. The last four years Jianping Zhang (Jimmy) worked as a Sales Manager at an incubator company. Now he is looking forward to meet you and use his expertise for your projects.

Meng Qingyu (Jade) has been promoted to Sales Support employee. During her work at HatchTech she has developed knowledge of the hatchery branch. She looks forward to strengthen the Sales Team with her knowledge and to support them with the projects.

For 10 years HatchTech has worked on several projects in China. A recent one is a joint project with EW and Huayu. With a capacity of 132 million eggs a year Huayu is the largest layer commercial hatchery in the world. For the first phase of this project, in June 2018, HatchTech has provided the setters, hatchers, ventilation, heating, cooling, fumigation rooms and chick storage rooms. Because Huayu will in 2019 start to build a Parental Stock hatchery, the second phase will start in 2020.

Another project HatchTech has proudly worked on is one for the Sun Daily Songtao hatchery. This is a layer commercial hatchery with a capacity around 125 million eggs per year. For this hatchery HatchTech has arranged the setters, hatchers, ventilation, heating, cooling, fumigation rooms, chick storage rooms, egg turning systems, drainage, bumpers, doors, cooling egg rooms, water treatment, compress air, cleaning equipment and HatchTravellers. The hatchery will be in use at the end of 2019 or at the beginning of 2020. 

As mentioned before, the China Sales Team has been extended to keep up with the growth and to do more projects. We wish Jianping Zhang (Jimmy) and Meng Qingyu (Jade) luck in their new positions. We are convinced that their knowledge and experience are valuable contributions to the HatchTech China Sales Team. Please feel free to contact them if you have any questions about your projects. 

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