HatchTech launches new digital communication platform

June 26, 2015
HatchTech Magazine June 2015

Along with the launch of their second digital magazine, HatchTech launches their new full responsive website. With the launch of their new website, HatchTech maintains a high standard as innovation leader, not only in the hatchery, but in the digital hatchery practice as well.

“Responding to the constantly increasing demand for rapid digital information is extremely important to us. With the launch of our first digital magazine in March this year, we knew that we had to give our website an update that would exceed the high digital innovation standard that we had just set. It is only natural for a company like HatchTech to strive for top performance, inside and outside the hatchery”, states the HatchTech Marketing & Communication department.

With the new, full responsive, website HatchTech makes the final implementation to their digital communication platform. Along with the digital magazine they are now able to distribute their knowledge, quickly and efficiently, while maintaining their high quality standards. The website is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian and operates flawlessly on desktop, tablet and smartphone. Aside from the fresh presentation of HatchTech’s knowledge, there is a large amount of new images and video material available. 

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