HatchTech Start-up training June 2019

July 08, 2019

At the HatchTech Start-up training from 24 until 28 June 2019 Sabrina van de Kraats, Hatchery Management Coach at HatchTech, trained 10 participants from all over the world.

During this interactive training the participants learned about the development of chick embryos and how to use HatchTech Incubation Equipment to meet the needs and improve the hatchery performance. The training is a mix of lectures and field trips to running HatchTech hatcheries with practical instructions and demonstrations. 

Thanks to: Mrs. Marianne Bernet, Mr. Beat Ehrler, Mr. Kang Yan Xun, Mr. Li Shao Bo, Mr. Ramon van Maaren, Mr. Qiu Zong Ping, Mrs. Wendy Schipperhein, Mr. Ye Qing Song, Mr. Zhao Yao and Mr. Zheng Pin for joining the training, their enthusiasm and positive feedback. 

If you would like or learn more about the HatchTech Start-up training or want to attend this training in the future, please contact our Customer Care Department at

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