Maximum hatchery performance thanks to HatchTech Hatchery Coaching

August 28, 2015

Thanks to HatchTech Hatchery Coaching, the ModernHatch broiler hatchery in Poland achieves consistent and maximum hatchery performances. Read their reaction here:

“HatchTech Coaches are always on call and ready to offer assistance, no matter whether we need the biological consultancy service or technical advice, or help with hatchery management and planning. They offer outstanding innovations, both in a technical respect and regarding working methods”, says Kornel Zyla, hatchery manager at ModernHatch.  


When a HatchTech Hatchery Coach has spent three days here on site, everything really runs smoothly again. They don’t just arrive with expert knowledge, they share and leave that expertise here in the hatchery”, continues Mr Zyla.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 2% to 3% higher hatching percentage
  • Improved chick quality, with less selection necessary
  • Reduced chick mortality in the first week
  • Better performance from the equipment
  • Consistent results for fact-based decision-making
  • Smooth and efficient operational management

Hatchery Coaching Manager, Willem van den Oetelaar explains: “Your hatchery can also profit from these benefits. We at HatchTech firmly believe that quality is the benchmark, and we can coach you and your staff to help you achieve maximum performances and consistently superior chick quality”.

Watch the HatchTech Hatchery Coaching video.

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