HatchTech and Bell & Evans revolutionise USA’s antibiotic free and organic poultry production

January 28, 2016
HatchTech Bell & Evans

Bell & Evans and HatchTech have signed an agreement for the construction of a new turn-key hatchery project, which will be located in Fredericksburg, PA, USA. The greenfield hatchery includes 36 MicroClimer Setters and 12 HatchCare units, as well as complete HVAC with heat recovery and will have a production capacity of 78.000.000 day-old chicks a year.

As a well-known supplier of organic and antibiotic free chicken, Bell & Evans’ philosophy matches perfectly with HatchTech’s innovative solutions. With this new tremendous hatchery project, the HatchCare revolution has now landed in the USA.

Scott Sechler, Sr., President and Owner of Bell & Evans, agrees. “I’ve made many trips to Europe in search of our next hatchery system. HatchTech is a perfect fit for Bell & Evans, not only because of the advanced technology they offer, but because they are passionate and forward-thinking in what they do. Their focus on humane animal welfare is directly in line with my philosophy to continually reduce stress and improve the welfare and comfort of our chickens. It is a well-designed and thought-out system. We at Bell & Evans are very excited and proud to partner with them to build the first Humane Animal Welfare Focused Chick Hatchery in the United States.”

HatchTech’s International Sales Manager, Gilbert Klumpenaar feels privileged to work with a company as Bell & Evans. “Introducing HatchCare to the USA market together with Bell & Evans is a perfect move for both of our companies. Bell & Evans is producing antibiotic-free and organic chicken, with a strong focus on animal welfare. The HatchCare system will contribute to everything they stand for.”

HatchTech and Bell & Evans made this big announcement at the IPPE last Tuesday. If you are currently attending the IPPE, do not forget to pay us a visit in Hall B – Booth B4651.

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