HatchTech celebrates its 20th anniversary

February 24, 2016
HatchTech 20 years

This year, HatchTech is celebrating its twentieth anniversary. Since the 1990s, the original ideal of drastically improving incubation technology has grown into a renowned concept that provides superior chick quality to the global poultry market.

Innovation is part of our DNA, and we’re proud to have proven that our innovations are successful. Whether we’re talking about our famous laminar airflow concept or early feeding at the hatchery, field results from all over the globe show that our solutions consistently result in superior quality chicks. And we’re gearing all our efforts to continuing these improvements in the future.

The ideal of superior chick quality may have started with just one man with a great idea, but now HatchTech is a team of more than 100 employees, located all over the globe. Together, they have secured our steady culture and strong concepts over the past 20 years. To celebrate this, we recently treated our entire global team to a trip to the winter wonderland of Lapland.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers and partners who have supported us over the years, helping us to improve the global poultry industry. We’re looking forward to a bright future with even more fruitful partnerships to support us on our ongoing superior chick quality journey.

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