Lohmann Tierzucht invests in more Chick Storage Rooms

March 04, 2016
lohmann tierzucht

Lohmann Tierzucht, global leader in the production of parent stocks and laying hens, will be expanding their equipment with two HatchTech Chick Storage Rooms.

Storage conditions are a crucial factor in the development of day-old chicks, which is why Lohmann Tierzucht has invested in two additional Chick Storage Rooms. The Chick Storage Rooms will be installed close to Toronto, Canada, and near Valladolid, Spain.

“Lohmann Germany already bought its first HatchTech Chick Storage Room back in 2014. According to the great results, we decided to invest in a HatchTech Chick Storage Room for our facilities in Canada and in Spain as well,” says Lohmann Tierzucht’s Managing Director.

“The HatchTech Chick Storage Room has been carefully designed to guarantee outstanding development and superior chick quality,” says Joost ter Heerdt, HatchTech’s Commercial Director. “The design also makes it possible to store significantly more day-old chicks – up to 30% more compared with traditional storage conditions. We’re proud that Lohmann Tierzucht recognizes these advantages and is convinced of the effectiveness of our product.”

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