HatchTech and Baromfi-Coop confirm second hatchery extension

May 11, 2016

Hungarian poultry producer Baromfi-Coop will be extending its hatchery for the second time since the initial start-up in 2012. Because of impressive results, the hatchery increases its production capacity in order to meet the increasing demand.

HatchTech incubators, including cooling, heating, ventilation and pre-humidification systems have enabled the hatchery to continuously provide superior chick quality and maintain cost-efficient business operations. Following the extension, the hatchery will have a total of 32 MicroClimer Setters and 18 MicroClimer Hatchers, increasing the production capacity to a total of 1.262.000 day-old chicks per week.

“HatchTech’s complete hatchery concept delivers us chick quality that is not only outstanding, but also highly uniform. Because of the good results we’re already achieving, it is only logical that we have chosen HatchTech for this hatchery extension,” says Baromfi-Coop’s Managing Director, Péter Bárány.

“I am extremely proud of the cooperation between HatchTech and Baromfi-Coop, which is based on our shared focus on chick quality,” says HatchTech’s International Sales Manager in Europe, Patrick van Manen. “This extension is completely in line with expectations, today, more and more companies as Baromfi-Coop are looking ahead and want to live up to the highest quality standards.”

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