Maximum hatchery and staff performance thanks to the HatchTech Training Course

June 26, 2016

Recently, customers from around the globe attended the HatchTech Training Course at our headquarters in the Netherlands. The attendants gained valuable in-depth knowledge about incubation principles and HatchTech equipment.

The attendants received training in both biological and technological aspects and a Chick Quality Analysis practicum gave valuable insights that can be immediately put into practice in the customers’ own hatcheries.

Throughout the year we are offering the opportunity to train your staff and maximise your hatchery performance. 


We offer you:

• Theoretical and practical training at our headquarters in the Netherlands
• In-depth knowledge of our HatchTech equipment
• On-site crew training
• Maximum hatchery performance

The next HatchTech Training Course will be held from 29 August to 2 September. We will train your staff to be true hatchery experts!

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