Eiermacher GmbH extends layer hatchery with more HatchTech equipment

August 19, 2016
Die Eiermacher

The Austrian layer hatchery Eiermacher GmbH has decided to extend its hatchery with more HatchTech equipment, due to outstanding results since the hatchery’s opening in 2014.

The extension includes 10 MicroClimer Setters, 1 MicroClimer Hatcher and a complete system for ventilation and pre-humidification. Along with the extension, Eiermacher has agreed on a two-year Hatchery Coaching programme, in order to maximise the hatchery’s potential in terms of hatchability and chick quality.

“Given the outstanding hatchery performance since the opening, it was a logical choice to invest in more HatchTech equipment for the extension,” says Eiermacher’s General Manager, Mr Manfred Söllradl. “The complete control of ventilation, heating and cooling that HatchTech offers is crucial in producing constant and high-level chick quality every day.”

Michiel van Veldhuisen, HatchTech’s International Sales Manager in Europe, is proud that Eiermacher GmbH is reaffirming its trust in HatchTech so soon after the opening by investing in more HatchTech solutions. “The hatchery extension and the two-year coaching programme will give us the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with Eiermacher even further and maximise their hatchery’s performance,” he says.

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