Savinord invests in HatchBrood facility for Tunisian market

September 27, 2016
Savinord HatchTech

Tunisian poultry producer Savinord, Societé Avicola du Nord has invested in a greenfield HatchBrood facility. Savinord aims to distinguish itself in terms of chick quality, and the company is convinced that HatchBrood will offer them all the advantages to achieve this in the most efficient way.

The HatchBrood facility will be built next to the Savinord hatchery in Tabarka. With four HatchBrood units, it will have a total capacity of 158,000 chicks per round. In this facility, day-old chicks are being brooded in an optimally controlled environment during the crucial four days post-hatch. Chicks enjoy benefits such as generous living space, uniform laminar airflow and direct access to light, feed and water. This results in a lower mortality rate and improved chick development.

Savinord, Societé Avicola du Nord is part of the Triki Group, which is a well-known food producer in Tunisia. “We want to give our chicks an optimum start, so they will benefit during the rest of their lives,” says Brahim Abroug, Deputy General Manager at Savinord. “We aim to distinguish ourselves in terms of chick quality. After following HatchBrood for two years, we’re certain that this is the best way to do it.”

Patrick van Manen, International Sales Manager at HatchTech, is proud that Savinord confirms their trust in HatchTech by investing in this HatchBrood facility. “We’re happy to cooperate with such a renowned player in the Tunisian market and to assist them in their goal to provide top-quality chicks,” he says.

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