Rongda Shandong Agricultural Development completed HatchBrood training

October 07, 2016

Last month, a team from the Chinese duck producer Rongda Shandong Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. took the HatchBrood start-up training course in the Netherlands. During the training, they learned about the ins and outs of the system and how to achieve the very best results with it.

The brand new HatchBrood facility that is being built in the rural town of Gaotang, in the Shandong province, allows ducklings to be brooded in an optimally controlled environment during the crucial four days post-hatch. As a result, the growers can count on better developed and more robust ducklings.

“We’re very satisfied with the HatchBrood training we received,” says Kehui Tian, Hatchery Brooding Manager at Rongda Shandong Agricultural Development. “When it comes to controlling the HatchBrood system, simplicity is the name of the game. I can say with confidence that our team is now well prepared to start delivering top-quality ducklings.”

“With the HatchBrood training, we give our customers just that little extra confidence to work with their new equipment,” says Paul Oomen, Hatchery Coach at HatchTech. “We show them the easiest way to use HatchBrood, and teach them the quality analysis techniques they need to achieve the maximum return on their investment.”

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