Wageningen University students visit HatchTech

October 21, 2016

Sharing knowledge and investing in upcoming talent are an important part of HatchTech’s company culture. That’s why we offer inspiring and educational programmes to local university students. This month, we welcomed a group of 50 students from Wageningen University at the HatchTech Experience Centre.

The students learned about a wide range of topics, from animal physiology to the creation of innovative incubation solutions. During a number of workshops, the group studied the chick’s physiology and learned how to translate this into technological solutions for hatcheries that support their daily practice.

“Sharing knowledge with the next generation of agricultural professionals is not only fun to do, it’s also a valuable way to support each other in a variety of ways,” says Hendrik Kemp, HatchTech’s Product Engineering Manager. “We’re glad of the fruitful relationship we share with Wageningen University, and it was great to see the curiosity and enthusiasm of the group.”

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