First Hatchery expansion installed and commissioned through HatchTech Remote Product Assembly.

Bell & Evans expands hatch capacity 40.7% without on-site HatchTech personal.

After successful deployment of the Hatchery in 2017 and seeing the impressive results on early feeding and fresh water, Bell & Evans signed an agreement to expand its Hatchery capacity with 12 MicroClimer Setters and 2 HatchCare units – the hatcher with feed, fresh water and light.

With the Covid-19 pandemic developing in early 2020 and travel restrictions during the year, the challenge of installing these new purchased machines occurred. Having the customer’s request of continuing the installation in mind, and not rescheduling the project, HatchTech assigned an experienced Product Assembly Manager to the project who helped guide the process remotely from our headquarters in Veenendaal, the Netherlands.

After a collaborative planning process, we started with a virtual kick-off meeting with the onsite assembly team at Bell & Evans. During the assembly itself, the HatchTech Product Assembly Manager remained in close contact with the supervisors of Bell & Evans, providing expert guidance and support, and to answer questions and address issues as they arose.

The communication with Bell & Evans took place over video conference, as well as through advanced tools such as the Microsoft HoloLens smart glasses, a state-of-the-art virtual reality platform. Technical support was also delivered via demonstration videos as well as instruction manuals and technical (3D) drawings.

“It’s great to have HatchTech as a partner that supports us remotely and ensures we get the new equipment running for our upcoming production needs. Their teamwork, expert guidance, and use of technology really makes a difference,” says Scott Sechler, chairman and owner of Bell & Evans.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, HatchTech expects it will guide more projects on a full remote basis within the next years. By using a variety of advanced tools, we are fully prepared to support our customers, installing and servicing HatchTech equipment!

About Bell & Evans – Bell & Evans is a 5th generation family-owned business and America’s oldest branded chicken company, celebrating 125 years in business and 10 years of organic production. We are the industry pioneer of natural chicken Raised Without Antibiotics and have established the highest set of animal welfare standards in the industry. From our World’s First Organic Certified Animal Welfare Focused Chicken Hatchery to Slow Induction Anesthesia and 100% Air Chill production, Bell & Evans is passionate about raising chickens responsibly using common sense practices.

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