Chicks in a hatcher

Early feeding

Feed and fresh water for stronger and healthier day-old chicks

In a hatcher, chicks hatch within a specific “hatch window”. During this period, it is a general accepted practice throughout most of the industry that the newly hatched chicks will have no access to feed or water. However, these chicks are still undergoing development in terms of their digestive tract, organs, immune and thermoregulatory systems – the actual growth phase doesn’t start until later. And at this early phase, optimal digestive and immune-system development in particular are crucial in laying the foundation for the chick’s resulting overall growth and health.

The best source of feed (energy) to enhance these critical development processes is the nutrient-rich residual yolk sack, and it is very important that it actually is used for this. However, if there is no external source of feed available, the energy in the yolk will just be spent on basic maintenance instead of to boost development.

Improved living conditions for more animal friendly production

Chicks that are hatched in HatchCare are completely supplied with the basic necessities of life – water and feed. But the system also delivers other advantages that improve the chicks’ living conditions in early life, which benefit them in a variety of ways.