Al Ain Farms selects HatchTech to build their new hatchery

Recently Al Ain Farms (Al Ain) and HatchTech signed a contract to build a new greenfield hatchery in United Arab Emirates. Their current hatchery will be replaced by a lager one with modern incubation technology. HatchTech will supply a total package of incubation solutions. This new hatchery will further expand the day-old production capacity of Al Ain, increase the efficiency and enables them to reach their estimated growth over the coming years. The capacity of their new hatchery will be 13 Million eggs a year for phase 1 and 22 Million eggs a week for phase two.

Saif Barzaiq, Acting Chief Support Officer, explains why they selected HatchTech: “We partnered with HatchTech because of their energy efficiency, proven track record in the Middle East, and for their innovative approach to incubation that will allow us to produce the highest quality day-old chicks, even at a lower utilization of the  equipment. This gives us the ability to grow into the projected volumes without compromising quality.”

Mr. Barzaiq of Al Ain Farms continues: “Over the years there has been a good synergy between HatchTech and us. They had a detailed understanding of our business requirements, have worked hand in hand with us to deliver the best suited proposal that enables the growth of our business and delivered efficient solutions for hatching equipment.”

The project will be consisting of 18 MicroClimer Setters, 4 MicroClimer Hatchers, Chick Storage Rooms, a Fumigation Room and Ventilation and Cooling equipment. This equipment contains the laminar airflow technology, which ensures that a constant airflow and the optimal temperature are provided to each egg and embryo which results into stronger and healthier chicks, hatched under perfect conditions.

Al Ain Farms is running a business for dairy, camel milk, juices and poultry. As being the first dairy company in the UAE, the company has invested significantly into state of the art production lines to go faster to the market and has doubled the efficiency in the poultry business. Danny van Roekel, International Sales Manager at HatchTech says “We are looking forward to continue our successful partnership with Al Ain, to support the company with its business growth and to deliver superior quality chicks. We are very happy to work at another large scale hatching project in the Middle East.” 

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